We believe the Gospel is for everyone, wherever they may be and whatever their background, and that God uses the church to bring the good news to them. Our vision is for every member of the church to have an active concern for mission, at home and abroad.

Training opportunities

The Good Shepherd Mission provides a good training ground for those considering working in other cultures in obedience to Christ’s commission to...’go and make disciples of all nations’…(Matthew 28:19). Our hope for the coming years is that the Mission will continue to be involved in developing inter-cultural work both locally and globally.

 Paul Moughlin

Inter-cultural mission group 

This group takes responsibility for coordinating and promoting the church’s involvement in inter-cultural mission. The group is eager to support and encourage those considering cross-cultural work. We welcome those with an interest, and are open to proposals for new initiatives, including encouraging young people into this area of mission. 

Darren Prince

Mission partners

Our current mission partners are a doctor working holistically in developing mother and baby care at a rural hospital in Bangladesh, and a couple with a long-term commitment to training others and work in the Middle East.